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I spent twenty years of my life as a BBC documentary film editor. Recently I've taken up movie making again and have made use of video in a number of different contexts in church life. I'd like to offer some examples and encouragement to others to also make more use of video in their worship and outreach. I've divided this part of the site into a number of areas but they are not mutually exclusive, so it's worth looking in several if you don't find what you want in the obvious place. For most people the two most useful sections will be videos related to specific Bible readings and those related to specific festivals and seasons. These would probably be the best place to start.

Video Resources

The two most useful resource pages are

Bible Passages: which offers, by Bible verse, videos which complement or illustrate a particular verse or passage.

Times and Seasons: which offers videos suitable for different times in the Christian year.

There are also videos under the following headings:

Video in Worship - videos with a fairly obvious liturgical use.

Video in Preaching - videos which could be used as part of a sermon or talk.

Video in Outreach - videos which can be used as discussion starters, especially with unchurched people.

Video in Bible Study - videos to kick off a Bible study.

Resources - some sites which offer other videos and interesting stuff.

Making and Using Video

Using Movies From the Internet - how to download movies from YouTube.

Making movies

Can't make movies?

Displaying video